Wednesday, September 30, 2009

too old to sleep with a panda

I admit to being in a self-imposed wedding planning bubble of late. I've had so many funny passing thoughts that I would have blogged about, had I the time. But I've had to knuckle down and make sure everything was falling into place for the big event that is happening in roughly three weeks time (scary!). Is it working? Kinda. No reason to panic yet anyway.

Pal Jessie brought this little nugget to my attention however and it was enough to shake me outta my blog-hiatus and get typing.

Yes, it does bring the H2B to mind immediately, if only he were a big, black former pro football player / bodyguard / manly craft wizard with a girl's nickname (oh, to dream!) . Here's to men that stitch, latch & in general get crafty.

Photos from Extreme Craft via Flickr. Fun.

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