Thursday, September 17, 2009

baby steps in the world of knitting

I've recently resumed my bumbling attempts to knit. Must be the time of year. The drop in temperature & change in afternoon light always makes me want to pick up my little bamboo needles & make something. One project I'm working on at the moment is coming out pretty well, but I can't post about it here (it's a potential gift!) But since the frustration of one project - with its mysteriously dropped stitches & unintended giant holes - just simply isn't enough, I've taken on another project.
A coworker recently had a baby so I thought, at the last minute as usual, that it's about time I learned to knit in the round. And what better starter project (since it's so tiny) than a baby hat!
The yarn I bought is so cute & soft & stretchy - kinda like a baby.
I found a few patterns online that promise an "easy" & "quick knit." Well, since this is my first ever time seeing double pointed needles, it ain't knittin' up so quick. But I'm not giving up! After a few bumpy starts last night, suddenly this crazy contraption of 5 pointy needles & twisted yarn on my lap started to vaguely resemble a tiny hat. Vaguely.
Notice the ever-helpful pup next to me. (And her denti-bone & chewed up sock in the distance.)
Not too shabby, right? Almost a hat. I'm doing a seed stitch with a little ribbed, stretchy bottom edge.
Could possibly finish it tonight. I also bought the same lovely yarn in mint green & I'm picturing a plain knit hat (or ribbed) with a cute little white heart pattern. Awww. Babies.

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