Friday, September 18, 2009

toilet garden

I did something strange this morning.

(At least I thought it was strange until I put tomatoes + bathroom into Google images & found lots of people have done the same.)

I put my tomato plant in my bathroom. You see, my tomato plant (first ever) has done really well this summer. I got it a little late in the season but with much love & attention, it's been looking pretty darn good with a nice amount of little green fruits popping up on the vines. However, after two lovelies a few weeks ago, the rest don't seem to be growing any bigger (they're not supposed to be cherries) & there's not a blush of red to be seen. I've read that you can pick them & finish the ripening indoors, no problem - once a little red is visible. Hence my worries. Could be due to the sudden drop in temperature. And I know toms like sun & warmth (& water, though that part's no problem).

As I, ahem, sat in my bathroom this morning, I noticed how nice & steamy & greenhousey it was in there after my morning shower. Aha! So, the toms are spending the day in my skylight-filled, steamy, toasty bathroom.

This is not my bathroom, by the way (mine has much better natural light).


  1. love it! does Neil know yet or will it be a surprise?

  2. actually i guess it is a surprise. you only just reminded me to tell him. now, i think i'll keep it to myself! ;)


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