Tuesday, September 15, 2009

happy morning

I've decided to have a great day today.

I'm sipping white tea with a pup at my feet, thinking about getting myself out the door for work. I just got a lovely email from my home pal Kristy :) & I've checked yet another purchase off my list of "last-minute things to get for the wedding." So maybe it's grey & gross outside, but I feel a good day coming on.

The faulty internet kept me off the blogs for the last week. That, and the wedding meltdown, but enough about that. I have some garden updates & photos to come. Because, really, I like not doing my work!

And I haven't posted anything crafty lately. Here's a somewhat doomed project I tried recently. I have a thing for appliques these days. It didn't quite work. It may or may not look like Sausage. Or possibly a steer skull. Or just a lumpy cow. And I definitely didn't take the time to measure the pillow properly. But I still kinda like it.
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