Wednesday, September 16, 2009

fine start to the day

This morning I sipped this
while gazing at this
Despite only a minor patch of blue in the sky, it was a satisfying start to the day. Grow Your Own is a trendy phrase being tossed all around the place - and something I complete promote & try to do myself - but how about Pull Your Own? (Sounds dirty, doesn't it?) Brewing your own espresso or latte in the morning is just as satisfying as eating homegrown vegetables. OK, so I didn't grow, roast or even grind the beans myself (thank you Starbucks - finally even the espresso is Fair Trade, so we can all get over ourselves).

Today, I monitored my own little seedlings while sipping an alright-ish mug of homemade soy latte & my tiny kitchen smelled all lovely & fresh ground coffee-ish. {I say alright-ish because I'm having problems pulling the perfect shot. Linda, my former employer at Coffee2Go (remember that job?) would have been ashamed of the three failed shots that preceeded Sunday's cup. But it's a funny little machine...}

Anyway, here's to homemade in all areas of daily life!

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