Wednesday, September 16, 2009

rum rice

I haven't posted much food-related stuff lately & that's too bad. Cause the great Neilo meals just keep comin' out of our lil' kitchen. I blame it on the wedding. But don't worry - the best idea I ever had (the Neilo & Susie Irish-American vegetarian cooking show) has not been canned, just put off for a little bit. I swear.

I should mention one of the mister's fabulous food ideas of late. Rice cooked in Malibu rum! Sounds strange & it is. Your meal will smell slightly like suntan lotion, but living in a sun-deprived place like this, I count that as a positive. (It doesn't taste like sunscreen.)

Again, no precise recipe needed here. Just think basmati rice cooked lovingly in chopped tomatoes, chillies, assorted fresh herbs & ground spices & Malibu coconut rum. Yes, coconut rum. Mmm mmm was that tasty.
Stir fry in some fresh green friends (in this case baby zucchini, spinach & green peppers). Pile on some fake chicken & you've got yourself one happy wife (to-be).

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