Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hubby hubby ice cream

This is wonderful. Are you familiar with the peanut butter pretzel-riffic Chubby Hubby flavor produced by my ice cream heroes, Ben & Jerry's? Well, they've gone all gay! For the month of September, they are re-branding (sorta) this delicious flavor as Hubby Hubby, in honor of Vermont's legalization of gay marriage - which takes effect today. I wish I could sample some! Not only will the Hubby Hubby movement NOT be reaching Irish shores (can you imagine?!?) but you can't even get regular Chubby Hubby. Or Chunky Monkey. Or Wavy Gravy. We got Phish Food & that's all. I even hear that in the US you can now get THAT in frozen yogurt form. So where is it?!

Anyway, for all of my American friends who support marriage equality & aren't afraid of a little fall weight gain, please have a few pints for me.

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