Monday, January 11, 2010

food for thought (or rather, food for talking)

I’ve always loved food. Obsessed, you might say. And I tell ya, I never really could trust somebody who didn’t feel the same. Yes, these people do exist & I have met a few in my time (though I tend to scurry quickly away because they give me the willies). Some people out there just see food as a necessity or, on the more extreme end of sad, a necessary evil. Like gas for an indispensable vehicle, rather than the edible magic that it is. Can you imagine?

Leaving aside tragic people & the creepy feelings they inspire, let’s talk recipes. Maybe it’s just our, um, age or recent nuptials (sounds better) that have pushed hubs & I into being way more domestic than we were a couple years ago. We now live in our own little abode (own, as in no roomies) which we try our best to make homey & cozy without putting holes in the wall. I've been making lackluster items with my hands & trying my best to grow (apparently miniature) vegetables in the cement patch. And we are making our first stab at parenthood, too. All growed up, you see.

So, lucky for me, I married a fella who loves food as much as I do. Our idea of a successful weekend includes adequate couch time with the resident sausage, in between forays into the kitchen for elaborate curries & pot pies, epic breakfasts & baking experiments that go on for weeks. Squeeze in a good flim, plus the requisite play time with the pup (perhaps a light dusting of snow flurries) & I’m in heaven.

It only makes sense then that I find myself talking & therefore blogging about food. And there are so many fantastic foodie blogs out there - perfect for stealing all my time. There’s no greater escapism than finding a new recipe, food story or tasty new blog on a cold Dublin morning, as the paper work piles up & all are sneezing & complaining around you in that cubicle sorta way. I get endless enjoyment from reading about other people’s kitchen shenanigans, taking note of tasty new recipes & especially soaking up art-in-its-own-right food photography.

A particular interest of mine is taking traditional / comfort / much loved dishes that are meat-centric & making them meat-free. Cuz I'se is a meat-free lady. I love Rick Stein even though he's constantly gutting fish & frying poor defenseless shrimps. I also REALLY love the Hairy Bikers & they are so into meat, you could say they are starting to resemble their main ingredient.

I also swing the other way into the wild world of quinoa & spelt & things that in dried form look like rabbit pellets but are packed with nutrients & make a mean addition to chili. And we need more adventurous, humorous, meat-free cooking out there. I'm on it, don't worry.
random food

I’ve had some lip-smackin’ success in the kitchen recently that I’d love to share with the wider world, but I have a problem. Recipes: they ain’t my forte. My cooking is usually a happy accident – I hardly ever pay attention to measurements of herbs & spices. I’ll sprinkle on some cheese until it looks like enough cheese. You know? Only with baking do I pay a little more attention to cups & teaspoons because that just seems like a more delicate art form.

Thus, I admit it. Like Rachael Ray before me (yeah, I said it) I believe an eyeball is the best measuring tool you can have. When’s the last time you measured out a tablespoon of olive oil when sauteéing something? Really? I don’t.

But I’m going to try to get more specific when I think I have something worthwhile to share, whatever leads me to the world’s best chocolate cookie or causes a disastrous sauce to ruin my day.

Did I mention I got a KitchenAid mixer? Look out Food Network.

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