Thursday, January 21, 2010

lovely & impractical

We've been blogged! (is that what you call it?)

The fabulous Meg of A Practical Wedding has featured our us as one of her wedding graduates. It felt a little intimidating writing my own thoughts for someone else's (highly eloquent & very clever) blog, but it's so amazing reading all these comments from nice people I've never met. Oh, the blog love!


  1. hooray! PS did you change your blog name again?? i have to say i like it!

  2. Wow that's huge! Meg has never even commented on my blog. I think I'd die if she actually messaged me. Bit like being a blog celebrity!!

    Heading over to read it again. You must be so excited!

  3. Excellent dudette! We all knew it was the party of the decade!


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