Wednesday, December 9, 2009

concrete garden update

I don't know if I have good news or bad news - I just know I haven't written about my gardening adventures in a while.
We were gone for nearly a month & the weather was changing pretty dramatically at that time. Needless to say, things were looking pretty wild when I got back. Bulbs seem to be popping up already (anyone who knows - is this normal?) The things that were dying are definitely dead, except those stupid tomatoes refuse to move. We got two decent ones out of the whole lot. The rest just teased me, hanging on in mini green form, then stalemating. I'm over it though.
I think I screwed up my first attempts at growing vegetables in containers, unfortunately. Could this be the result of not thinning properly?World's Saddest Carrot
Introducing, the World's Saddest Carrot! This is, believe it or not, a vast improvement on the "onions" I was supposed to be growing in another pot. I pulled out a tester and there ain't nuthin' down by the roots. Smells like an onion though.
According to the seed packaging, these two items should be ready for harvesting NOW. I'll leave things a while longer. Maybe it's all this climate changing going on that means you can't trust the standard growing times anymore. (Climate change? But isn't that all a myth anyway? ;)
Well, one good thing is the late blooming hydrangea. Seems she had one more ruffly bundle to offer before retiring for the winter. How hydrangea growth
So, it's a mixed bag for the moment. Some dead stuff, some things growing slower than expected, and then some green life popping up & making its tentative debut in the world. Here's to the new year! I hope it's full of onions, carrots & pretty spring flowers.
ranunculus overloadbulb popcorn salad & mystery bulbs

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  1. We tried to grow carrots last year. Looked a lot like your little beauty! I ended up pulling them all up (about thirty of them) and we ate them anyway. Made about a cup of carrots. A bit pathetic - but they did taste good! Best of luck with the gardening.


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