Wednesday, January 27, 2010

two things making me happy

A bit of randomness of a Wednesday (as they say).

This morning, as I sipped my blueberry coffee (yum) I happened upon the mysterious world of... people who really dig typography. Like really. I love printed things too & over the past year or so - which involved planning a wedding (thus sewing the seeds of paper obsession), becoming more crafty & trying to keep my creative spirits up with small pretty projects - I actually started getting into this myself, downloading free fonts & trying to make small things in my life look better - including my words.

So of COURSE I followed a link to an unknown (to me) website to find out what type I am.

In case you're curious, I am Archer Hairline. (Finally!) Which in fact is a rather purdy set of letters, if I do say so myself. (If only it were free to download - you'd be basking in its glory right the flip now!) Am I really predisposed to quiet cries in the bathroom & small exclamations of emotions? Not sure, but I do like the pretty little dots at the end of the elegant letters. And so this leads to the more esoteric discussion of what our choice of typeface - in publishing, advertising, our own designs - says about us. I'm telling you it's downright fascinating, as is the history behind the creation of all these fonts. They're like little time capsules, they are. 

After taking the fun quiz, I fell into one of those I-should-be-getting-to-work-now link holes (you know, you click on this link, then this link, then this one - oops! you're late) & ended up on a blog all about obsessing over fonts -, it exists. I found that fascinating, too.

Take that printed word pledge (over there, on the right) a little bit further & don't just commit to reading the letters, but take a closer look at them, psychoanalyze them a bit & appreciate them for all their culturally insightful, psychological mumbo jumbo glory.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention the second thing making me happy today: it's PLARN. Yes, PLARN. "Yarn" made from recycled plastic bags. Yes, it's all the rage & like a good art deco typeface, it's got me under its spell.

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  1. don't even get me started i just finished my second typography class, like i needed more things to be "in to." Do i look at signs on the street and try to guess the font? sure do! do i think this video is funny?

    you betcha!
    I'm very very excited to see what font i am - i'll report back!

  2. I'm Dot Matrix - who knew? i thought i was pretty traditional, i just learned so much about myself!

  3. I'm Cooper Black Italic. Which interestingly is a similar font to our old iron-on fashions Suz. I wouldn't say I don't hanker after fitness, but I am happy with my love handles... Heavy but generous. Ha! Read my bum!


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