Friday, January 1, 2010

snowy new year

It's a new year. A new morning. The sun is sparkling on newly fallen snow (you heard me), so instead of diving headfirst into the mini mountain of things I've been meaning to post - the recipes, the gift projects, the happy bits of news from my near & dear - I'll simply start with this.
I've got many small ideas for the new year & I'll get to those... a little later. For now, I'm thankful for the fluffy white stuff outside, such a rare site in wet Dublin. I'm thankful for my first holiday season with a husband & a dog.
I'm thankful for new beginnings, new seasons, new plans... and a sunny, bright & freezing cold day off.
I've got Muppets on the TV, a mug of cinnamon hazelnut coffee in my hand & a living, breathing jelly bean shaped hot water bottle curled up beside me.
Happy New Year all.
P1070117 bw

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  1. holy crap, you look like me in that last pic!


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