Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wedding star continued - Whirlingturban

A while back I had the good intention of highlighting all the stars that contributed to my awesome wedding & I also had the intention to start blogging with some regularity. Well, trying to do anything with regularity while planning a wedding (even a small one!) is kind of futile. So now that I'm married & trying my best to rejoin reality (kinda trying) I'd like to revisit one very special contributor to The Best Party I've Ever Thrown.

I mentioned Whirlingturban & the sassy lady behind all the fabulousness, Katherine Robinson, in an earlier post, but now I've got the photos to prove why I'm absolutely in love with her & all her creations.
I wore a Whirlingturban original both on my wedding day & a few nights earlier to my tiki-themed bachelorette night on the town. It sounds so schmancy to say a [label name] original, doesn't it? And believe me, it felt that way - times ten.
After careful measurements, tons of emails & a few, fun little Skype chats, Katherine & her talented team of Balinese seamstresses had my exact stats in hand - my precise fitting numbers, all those quirks God gave me (like my short legs & my mini torso) and of course my vision, as convaluted & vague as it was. From that unlikely recipe for a wedding gown, they created not one, but two stunning pieces of tailor-made perfection for me that looked straight out of my vintage fantasies.

The process was unbelievably easy (for me), hardly any stress, just some enjoyable correspondence & then like magic these two dresses came into my life. Seriously, when I tell people that I never once met my dress designer or had a fitting in person, they can't believe it. (I do hope I get to meet Katherine, Honey & Mindra one day - you now, when I'm galavanting around Bali.)

So without further ado, let me officially show off Whirlingturban's handiwork. And my wedding dream come true in the form of a dress...





*** All photos are copyright Jill Jennings & Highland Photography. All rights reserved. ***

I promise to follow soon with decent photos of my tiki-inspired bachelorette gown. I've already worn it twice! If only I could wear it around town doing the shopping...


  1. omg! i love the one of you sitting in the hotel room and the one of you guys by the pool - you - (and the dress!) look amazing - i especially love when the petticoat is being showed off

  2. WOW you look killer in that dress!

  3. Whoa! (I can't believe I managed to track this blog of yours down!) My favorite wedding pics EVER! Thanks for all the sweet things you said about us, Susie. These pics are *just amazing*. Sniff! I feel like the mother of the bride...


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