Friday, December 18, 2009

puppy of the day!

Friday loveliness just keeps on comin'!

My little darling was chosen as the Grown Up Puppy of the Day today on

You have no idea how happy this makes me. I just posted her pictures on the site this week & I wondered if she'd get chosen. (Do I sound like a crazy pageant mom?!) She's my universe now, as everyone around me knows, so I nearly peed myself at work today when I opened the page, expecting an onslaught of adorable other people's pups, when there she was! Those big brown eyes peeping up at me over her chew bone. *sigh*

It makes me feel all fuzzy inside to read the comments people left. People are so passionate about their animals - it's nice to know that other crazies like me are out there, loving their four legged friends & finding happiness in other folks' furry pals - even if only through photographs.

If everyone had a pup like Sausage, there would be no sadness in the world. FACT.

Here's to the doggy of the day!

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  1. Mr B & I are totally nutty about our dogs - being puppy of the day would rock our world!

    She is adorable! Congratulations


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