Friday, December 18, 2009

friday loveliness / it's snowing!

Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! YAY!

It's snowing! For anyone familiar with Dublin, you know what I mean by snowing. Not American sized monster snow. Not shoe-able snow. Not even ball-able snow. Just a light dusting. But for this place, that's a big deal. And I'm stupidly excited about it.

I actually don't know where this photo was taken, or when, but it kind of looks like my neighborhood (the buildings, not the snow cover). Cars were (half) covered with snow when I walked the pup this morning. And jaysus it was cold! Then I stepped out of the office just now & little mini hail balls - ok, possibly passable as snowflakes - were stickin' to my head & flying around, bouncing off the sidewalk.

I love it. Makes it a little more not-so-bad to *not* be home for the holidays.

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