Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Here are the instant snaps I took the other night at our festive little shindig in Stoneybatter. Twas much fun for all. Endless cookies, Guinness & festive "Celebration Ale," Johan's homemade mulled wine, freshly shattered Christmas walnuts from Leyla. Ah, you can't beat Christmas.mentalistgirlsmore girlsa girlhatnosenose eyeman bites dogbad hateven more girls
Poor Stef just took a red nose to the eye in this one.
x mas


  1. looks like so much fun! I love the crown tradition, and what are the tubes sticking in the tree?

  2. ps i totally have that ear flap santa hat

  3. forgot to answer! those are christmas crackers in the tree, which merrymakers pull (like a wishbone of sorts) and out pops a paper crown, a shitty plastic toy & a fortune that makes no sense. such fun! my cousin had them at her house last xmas eve... which is weird, cause most americans don't know about it. definite british/irish/other parts of europe??? thing.

    do aussies do this too?

    i like silly hats. obviously.


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