Friday, August 21, 2009

we love rick stein

The other half and I have found ourselves in quite the spicy love triangle lately. We are unabashedly smitten with Rick Stein.

We've really enjoyed watching his Far Eastern Odyssey series that just ended on Irish TV last night and have since picked up the cookbook that goes with it, detailing the amazing Southeast Asian recipes and photos he picked up on his journey.
I'm not sure if we'll be able to cook anything that isn't based on chillies or coconut milk or that doesn't have the word "curry" or (better yet) "devil" in the name ever again. At least not until his next series.

I don't care if his focus tends to gravitate towards ingredients with gills and eyeballs. Or that his shows sometimes include a poor piglet on a spit. His shows combine my two favorite things - food & travel - made with the love and obsession of a true fanatic. His shows are fascinating. And he's clearly a few clams short of a chowder. Which I like.
Stay tuned for our Curry Weekend series, inspired by Rick.

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