Sunday, August 23, 2009

curry weekend

Welcome to the first installment of the Curry Weekend Project. I can foresee the hubby-to-be & I tinkering with curries & pilaus & taking bold stabs at spicy, colorful, Rick Stein-influenced cooking for the infinite future. Here's our first chapter - a Sri Lankan cashew curry. A perfect birthday weekend meal.

In perfect Food Network style, hubbo lays out all the necessary ingredients (Tiger beer included). Besides beer for sipping, there's fennel seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, uncooked rice (cool, huh?). Crushed in the mortar & pestle with cinnamon stick, a few dried kashmiri chillies, cardmom pods, cloves & turmeric (we were missing fenugreek that day).
That's cassia bark (or did we buy cinnamon?) sizzling away. This makes the kitchen smell like you're sunbathing on a cinnamon bun. In Sri Lanka!P1050852
Fresh curry leavesP1050848
Then comes the various veggies & faux chicken.
Coconut milk action shotP1050858P1050859
Serve with thisP1050863
and thisP1050867
It's funny, as I'm posting this, the hubster is sitting on the couch with the Ultimate Curry Bible on his lap & I have a cinnamon tomato "chicken" pilau bubbling away on the stove. Then he asks me if I want green coriander chicken tomorrow, apparently a favorite of Ismaili Muslims from Kenya. Who knew! Gonna have to google it in anticipation. Will report back.

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