Monday, August 24, 2009

a lesson in patience - coming soon


That's what made me go so mental in the garden shop on sunny Saturday. Bulbs.

Lovely pretty future beautiful springtime flower bulbs. I've never attempted to grow flowers from bulbs before, but hey - this is apparently the year that I finally make good on all my half-assed resolutions and personal vows. (Check me out! I'm already sewing! CHECK! *woo hoo*)

So I came home with an armload of intriguingly ambiguous brown paper bags, filled with what looks like mutant garlic cloves & star anise. But they tell me that one day, in the not too distant future, they too will join the caterpillar in his backyard costume change & transform themselves into pretty ranunculus, tulips & these tall fuzzy Billy Ball-type thingies. Awesome.

A serious garden journal must be started pronto.

No photos yet (just picture, um, garlic in a brown paper bag). These guys however are also part of the plan. A serious concrete gardener stops for no season!

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