Friday, August 28, 2009

concrete update: tomatoes! murder! feathers!

And now an update from the garden.

I'm so proud to show you this. Major Tom, Brigadier General of the Viking Road Tomato Army, is reddening up nicely. Check out his tan.
Um, can I eat him now? That's Tammy Tomato, his lieutenant & life partner, hidden behind him. I couldn't frame a better picture because I was too distracted by the crime scene behind me.

I came home last night to find bloodshed & gore (and a lot of feathers) all over my little garden patch. I think one of our four-legged, fuzzy wall neighbors got into a scuffle with a pigeon - and definitely won. It was disturbing. I still have feathers stuck all over the place. I'm hoping my pretty pink impatiens will be able to bounce back from the trauma (the corpse was left smack dab on top of them.)P1060093
Quite the action-packed night for my humble garden, huh?

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