Monday, August 17, 2009

new beginnings

This seems like a good time to start.

Here in Dublin, summer isn't all that far away from winter, so the annual shift in weather at the start of fall is almost imperceptible - but I could feel it this morning. Also, over the weekend, I celebrated a birthday and in two months' time, I'll be getting hitched! So what better time to start a new project? A little blog project.

I've started this journal mostly as a means to post picture postcards from my life in Stoneybatter for family & friends to see what I'm up to. As a place to record my passing thoughts and ideas, small projects and slightly bigger ones, plans for the future and their sometimes bungled execution. My gardening attempts & personal photography, those ongoing wedding preparations & daily doggy shenanigans.

But mostly those nice bits of ephemera from my corner of the world. Hope you find at least some of it delightful.

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