Thursday, March 25, 2010

new blog

Spring has sprung & change is in the air. And so I've decided to set up shop with a new blog. If you'd like to continue following my adventures in the kitchen, around the garden & bumbling through life, then please mosey over to - cute, huh?

Thanks to all who have read my rambles from the concrete garden thus far. I will be continuing on in a similar manner, just want to refresh my focus & polish things up. I hope you'll join me (and Sausage... and the husband) over in our new home on the webs.

(Remember to update your reader/bookmark/following device if you're stickin' with me!)
my bendy dog

Thursday, March 4, 2010

long weekend

I've been cooking up a storm & making some exciting plans for the patch (at least I like to think so) but I'll have to wait to share the specifics because today is like Friday for me. Home friends Melanie & husband Brian just arrived from Boston this morning. I was up late last night (it was like Vacation Eve for us too) & up early this sunny morning to bake banana nut muffins. Mmmmm. Banana nut.

We love having visitors. You're all welcome to stay in Stoneybatter with us should you ever find yourself in the neighborhood. Sausage even asked for a bath so she would be all soft & flowery smelling for the new folks who would be petting her non-stop.
Check out those fingers!
Last night I took my second stab at Neil's new favorite low fat super fudge brownies. According to the mister, I'm really on to something with those. They are too good & fairly healthy & like lovely super dark chocolate turned into a dense, fudgy square. I also tried making my own crackers for the first time. Simple flour 'n olive oil crackers with sea salt & "magic" Shaker spices (a lovely Italian mix we put on everything). It was busy in the shitty kitchen last night. And smelled kinda awesome.
We're lucky to have some much-needed sunshine today. That always seems to happen when visting Americans arrive. I'm really excited to have a long weekend of meandering around town, sipping coffee while looking at the city through first-time visitor eyes, stopping into pubs for afternoon pints. And of course, catching up with old pals that I feel like I only saw for 5 minutes at the wedding. (Oh, the wedding.)
This is the good stuff.
Pictures & updates to follow once vacation time is over. Enjoy your weekends, all.