Thursday, March 25, 2010

new blog

Spring has sprung & change is in the air. And so I've decided to set up shop with a new blog. If you'd like to continue following my adventures in the kitchen, around the garden & bumbling through life, then please mosey over to - cute, huh?

Thanks to all who have read my rambles from the concrete garden thus far. I will be continuing on in a similar manner, just want to refresh my focus & polish things up. I hope you'll join me (and Sausage... and the husband) over in our new home on the webs.

(Remember to update your reader/bookmark/following device if you're stickin' with me!)
my bendy dog


  1. Updated! Love that photo of your dog - what a sweetie.

  2. nice dog how u take a nice photo

  3. Nice post, I'm looking forward for another. Meanwhile, you might want to check decorative concrete for your concrete floor needs.


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