Saturday, February 13, 2010

taking a moment

I'd like to use this blog in a diary-like fashion for a moment.

Basically, there's been a real hubbub happening in my tiny world recently.

Yes, first it was my laptop problem. But now it's a little more serious. As in, losing my job serious. And what better place to air a few rattling thoughts than a humble blog where a handful of nice people come & visit? It's just that little bit better than talking to yourself. Or the dog. (Though I enjoy doing that too.)

Without getting into it too much, my job is in danger. As you might expect, this kinda blows not having a computer plug out of the water. To say I'm distracted & a bit stressed is putting it mildly. So I apologize in advance for being erratic in both my blogging as well as in my personal life, if you are reading this & fall into both worlds.

But change is good right? And what better test can a newly married couple take on than changing the way they live & think about the future in the face of drastic financial changes? We can handle it. We can handle anything (right?) & we are keeping our chins up. "Chins up!"(old family motto:)

I think the best way to approach something that, on the face of it, seems terriblehorriblenogoodverybad is to use it as the spark you've been needing to make changes, get on with things & basically get sh*t done. Which for me, means finally making some changes that will put me on a better path career-wise as well as personal happiness-wise. I've been more motivated than ever since getting married & starting the new year. But now it's a little more urgent. I think we can all relate to that.

I expect this blog to change too, which I've been contemplating for a while but haven't really gotten around to (ya know, due to that whole getting married, losing my computer, having my salary slashed thing recently). So you can expect some changes here & I am grateful that any of you might be patient with me & follow along as I figure out what my purpose is (I mean on this blog, not in the universe - that's a bit heavy).

I have an overhaul in the works that I hope will give my blog a little more polish & focus. I plan to post more regularly & on more cohesive topics (though not completely, cause that's the fun of it). I'm also contemplating a complete move to another format. Anyone have any strong feelings about other blog services other than Blogger? I'm researching Wordpress right now. Will I go down the multi-blog route - one with a food focus, one for the personal mish mash? I haven't quite decided.

Anyway, that might explain why I keep changing the blog title & header picture. It's kind of like when you think you might get the can & start obsessively re-organizing the plants on your desk. Or perhaps in those student days when your thesis deadline was looming & you found the task of rearranging kitchen cabinets irresistible? Surface housekeeping as a means of procrastination & creating a sense of control.

So that's that. I'll announce any major changes as they happen. I also have a few more posts planned that I hope to get to this weekend. I made some rather awesome vegan wontons from scratch recently that beg to be shared. And with V-day being tomorrow, I hope to bake up something chocolatey & wonderful today. As ever, even though it's arctic outside, I've got the gardening itch too.

I'll leave you with a cute mental picture: it's Saturday morning. Neil's working some overtime (good husband). Sausage & I are snuggled up in our room easing into the day, when those weird people start knocking on the door selling... LOGS. Seriously, is this something that happens in other countries? Neil seems to think it's the most normal thing in the world ("What's the deal with those people?" "They're selling logs." Carries on watching TV). Door to door tracksuit-wearing LOG-PEDDLERS? Are they stolen or something?? Anyway, poor Saucy goes *mad* when they knock on our door. It just happened.
The Sauce in more relaxed times.


  1. sue! we've had a killer few weeks too, first a death and then I got laid off on Friday - let's take over the world across the seas! call me i love you and am thinking about you both!

  2. Ok, so I love this post for a few reasons.

    My blog quest (balancing personal mishmash with some sort of publicly interesting array) has been a long, arduous route. It took the act of writing a book proposal to help me focus on one blog (instead of the 3 I had going.) I don't recommend the multiple blog route, just do a great job organizing and categorizing one site. You're still one YOU, no need to segregate portions of self for the interwebs' sake.

    Instead of log salesmen, we get bible people who want to chat about the Lord (at awfully inappropriate hours, in my opinion, 7:45a on Saturdays, no thanks dudes). I wish we had be-suited log peddlars!

    My dog, Isobel, and Saucy would get along just fine. That half-muzzle protruding from bedsheets is a scene oft viewed in our house.

    Aaaand, how could I not love someone who also has terriblenogoodverybad days (like myself.)

    We should write letters!


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