Thursday, February 25, 2010

dispatches from the concrete patch

As work continues to stress me out & Dublin continues on bein’ wet & cold, let’s take a moment to look at this.
Signs of life in the mismatched pots. I can't tell you how happy these tiny bits of color make me right now.
Those are bird's eye glimpses of my crocus, hyacinth & tulip bulbs making their presence known.
This is how the concrete garden was looking last Saturday. Bathed in rare sunlight & perhaps a harbinger of spring? Maybe. (Though I woke up to a light dusting on the neighbors' cars this morning, so maybe not yet.)
Hydrangea buds.
Mini mini carrot.

And inside the homestead...
Saturday sun shining on a tin can full of flower seeds. And a succulent arrangement I made that reminds me of my wedding.
So... spring has sprung… almost.
Would you believe it snowed later that night?

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  1. You're doing well. I am a chronic plant killer. I try so hard!


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