Thursday, October 8, 2009

two weeks

It's official. I can say the words "Two weeks to go" today to the unending stream of coworkers that keep asking.

And I admit, for the last who-knows-how-long, I have fallen off the face of the earth. Friends haven't seen me. Co-workers haven't heard me speak much. Neighbors probably haven't even seen me walk my dog (though I have of course). A number of weeks ago I slipped into that final stages of wedding-planning void where I began to feel (minor) stress, (major) wedding apathy & a general tiredness. Tired of planning the wedding, tired of thinking about the wedding. And that's not nice. I never thought I'd end up approaching my big day with a feeling of, "Can't wait til this is over!"

And I'm happy to say I'm not! I feel great today. I've been catching up with design*sponge (see, I haven't even been doing my usual lazy inter-blog reading) & Grace Bonney's unbelievably pretty wedding photos actually got me excited again. And let me tell you, it's been a long time since I've read any wedding-related web content for pleasure. Sure, her wedding is true Martha Stewart material, with a budget & location & all those fine little details  - some done by Martha's team of all things! - that were never going to be a part of our reality. But it's fun seeing what other somewhat normal people come up with for their nuptials. (I say "somewhat" because she runs design*sponge, so c'mon! Like antique shops would ever LEND me their treasures!)

Pretty soon I'll be able to post my own little lovely photos for all the world (or my 5 followers, at least ;) to see. And maybe I should blog a little about some of my plans, too! Just for fun. I promise to do that shortly.

Because now I feel like I have the luxury of a lil' breathing room. Two weeks from right now I will be getting ready to board a big jet, juggling an egg mcmuffin with my garment bag & ridiculously stuffed carry on case & preparing myself for the coming sensory overload that is Las Vegas.  Two weeks from Sunday, at just about this time, I will be having my hair done & trying to hold down my brunch. And then stick one more week on to that & I'll be trying out my rudimentary Spanish on a friendly Mexican beach bartender, whilst gazing at the double ring combo on my left hand. Sweet!

So breathing room. Room to think about a little online US shopping that I can drag back to Dublin with me. Room to think about teensy details I hadn't thought about yet that maybe I still have time for (even more cameras? a garter? more appetizers?) And especially, room to get excited. Two weeks to go!

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