Thursday, October 1, 2009

catching up

Since I'm counting down & catching up today (with work, weddings & social contact), I should do some catching up on this blog thing too.

Even though I've been silent, there's been much ado about my teensy garden, believe it or not. Either Irish weather has gone really weird or I don't know my ass from my trowel (probably a bit of both). I sowed way too many seeds and am afraid that after thinning them properly, I may end up with just a handful of corn salad leaves & three mini carrots. But hey, that's the lot of the tiny gardener. There just simply isn't enough space to grow tons of vegetables without adding even more pots to the already un-navigable potted landscape that my little patch has become. Poor Sausage doesn't even have space to chase her tail anymore!

So I've got many future pretty bulbs in the dirt, some cauliflower & broccoli that I'm crossing my fingers for (they're not meant to grown right now apparently) both inside & on the kitchen window sill, some sweetpeas upstairs on a sill in a home-fashioned propagator (aka: plastic bag), the herbs still going, flowers grown from ancient seeds that I found in a packet. So much potential glory that I must be patient for!

And already, there's visible green growth - how exciting is this!
That's the beginning of some fabulous ranunculus. Can you believe it?

And my hydrangea plant, which I thought was supposed to be dying back, seems to be keepin' on keepin' on!

I'm also gearing up for my very fabulous ladies champagne brunch, but more on that in another post.

In Sausage news, she had a bath yesterday. And she is still the best girl in the world.

Actually, it's worth noting that my genius pup has recently added yet ANOTHER trick to her repertoire: she now does the Downward Dog yoga pose ON COMMAND. She is so gifted.

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