Monday, October 12, 2009

champagne meltdown

Happy Monday, everybody. Or better yet - Happy less-than-two-weeks-til-your-wedding-day, me!

Here's a small snippet of the big time fun & frolics had by me & my bachelorette brunch ladies. I won't go into messy details but I missed the end of the night, when the champagne caught up with me & I probably won't go near the stuff at the wedding. Good thing we'll have margaritas!
Mmmm. Bagels, fruit & cheesecake chocolate chip brownies. This is just the beginning!

The spread station - cream cheese, jams, PB, honey.

Homemade apple honey challah bread.

Fresh from the baker jelly donuts, on top of my homemade berry oat bars. With a slice of challah hanging out on top.

Caroline, next to the less-pretty version of the buffet, as we all take a breather. We also had tomato, cucumber & lime salad, cheeses, eggs, a lovely cheese & olive & sundried salad from the Lilliputs, cream eclairs......drool.....

Ahh, the beginning of the end for me. Annette's lovely strawberries in one of many "little cups" of champagne. Oaty bars in the background.

Cute little ribbon Saucy refused to wear.

Pink, like my champagne.

And it's all downhill from here...


Thank you so much to good pals Lauren, Annette, Caroline, Kelley & Leyla for celebrating with me on a lovely Saturday afternoon. I got so many pretty flowers, lots of bubbles (*hiccup!*), tasty treats & a lotta love. The parts that I can remember, I'll never forget ;)
Oh, dear god...

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  1. you are so frickin' cute! looks like lots of fun, and i would LOVE a piece of that challah to go with my coffee at the moment - yummers


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