Monday, November 30, 2009

That Monday feeling

It's been a difficult task trying to move on from the wedding. I know it's all self-inflicted, but I can't get away from this feeling of needing to tie up loose ends before I can feel 100% past the wedding. Some people I know can just return home from their honeymoon, all rejuvenated & fresh-faced, ready to take on the world; others move past their wedding without much thought (I mean, it's just a wedding after all, right?). But I find myself these days feeling a little overwhelmed with seemingly simple tasks like writing thank you notes, emailing photos to loved ones, organizing prints for our album... Little fun things, right?

I'm not complaining. They really are little fun things. Actually, I'm lucky that all these tasks lend themselves perfectly to the current frigid weather & Christmassy surroundings I now find myself in at home. (I mean, what could a be a better Sunday afternoon than one spent wrapped up in a wool sweater, tucked up on a couch next to a Christmas tree & a snuggly pup, with hot cocoa & pretty stationery in hand?) I think what might be weighing me down is this somewhat unexpected need to revamp my entire life, my career, my general sense of purpose in the world, that has fallen upon me in conjunction with my newly changed marital status.

So in the coming days & months, I plan on sorting out big things like a new Five Year Plan (geez!), jazzing up my resume & becoming an active filmmaker again, while also tending to the fun post-wedding tasks like cards, party-planning & cookie-baking. Expect the odd philosophical post sprinkled in between wedding photos & photos of my failing container garden (noooo!).

I dunno. I think the New Year feeling of upheaval and reevaluation has definitely hit me early. But hey, perhaps something as life-changing as a getting married is bound to inspire just such an emotional period.

Oh and I'm nearly there with organizing all the wedding photos & making progress on the crazy amount of videos I'm tinkering with (an explosion of other people's weddings, little fun projects I've started at home, etc.)  Hey, maybe it's just the fact that it's something insane like less than 4 weeks until Christmas - and the fact that I'm not going home this year :( - that's making me feel a little mental.

Anyway, here's to new chapters, new marriages, the coming holiday season, mint chocolate hot cocoa & wool scarves!


  1. i was able to leave my wedding in the dust quite easily. i think because we had the house to focus on. but i am feeling the winter doldrums coming on and i also feel a bit "frozen". just set one small goal per week, like the thank you cards, and don't move on to another project until it's finished. oh, but if you could come up with a five-year plan for me, too, that would be great!

  2. i think it's the perfect time to think of new beginnings in other aspects of you life, it make sense. i can also see how, after having such a big event to focus your attention on and work towards for so long, not having it might seem a little like you need soemthing to look forward to or a project in the works. Sounds like a great time to get back making films, crafts or sweets, and maybe they need to be non wedding related so you don't feel like you tied up all of the wedding fun and its not completely in the past. I think it's only natural to want to stretch it out and hold onto it for a while. (though i am dying to see more photos!)


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